HUNTER:  Hunter was a Park Ranger and retired Navy Seals Specialist. He is a strong, caring man. A natural fighter and carries the new weight of making sure everyone survives heavily on his shoulders
Actor:  Oliver Burbage.

DARREN:  Darren is a stand up retired Special Forces, when the world ended he was a EMT trying to help save lives. He takes life lightly and one day at a time
Actor:  Tommy Leonard.

MASON :  Mason is retired Special Forces who has turned his talent from saving lives to being paid to take lives as a Merc. Called back to active duty, he must team up with prior team mates and hope the past does not come to present.
Actor:  Pete Perez.

MIA  :  Mia, who is a Survivalist and teaches people to survive must now use her skills to do just that. She believes there is still some good in the world even when there is nothing left to believe in.
Actor:  Shaieynne Ruffin

CHRIS :  Chris is a survivor who finds a way to go at it a lone. He trusts noone but himself. But in a time like this you have to trust someone.
Actor:  Matthew Rivers.

JORDAN :  Jordon doesn't believe in much but with his new found family he is learning to believe again.
Actor:  Kyle Hinton

BEN :  Ben is a pretty laid back guy. He is far from typical and has a huge heart for mankind. He also has been placed by the military to protect Dr. Spencer.
Actor:  Saheem Blackwell.

MARTY :  Marty just wants to survive and has lost all hope for humanity, seeing the evil life has placed in his path, he stays diligent by protecting Dr. Spencer.
Actor:  Warren Abbott

ALEX :  Alex is so far the luckiest person to still be walking, He abhors violence and just wants peace
Actor:  Bryan Cortese

TYLER :  Tyler is a strong,  woman and her passion comes from being a Military nurse caught in the apocalypse, She works for Dr. Spencer.

Actress: Nymiura Lee

DR. ERWIN SPENCER :  A scientist who may have the answer to the most asked question ever.

Actor: Kevin Gautner

LEO :  Leo is young kid trying to survive and look for lost ones while he fights to stay alive. With the help of his best friend.
Actor:  Pedro Guzman.

ERIC :  Has lost his entire family. He has decided his best friend is all he has left in the world and will help him find his lost loved ones. 

Actor:  Ave267

THAMES :  Thames needs to feel a part of something in this new chaos. He currently protects Dr. Spencer for the military and knows he must complete his mission.
Actor:  Will Stronghold