Celeste:  A young woman trying to live a normal life and just wants to be left alone.
Actress: Rachel Saybolt

Lynette:  A woman trying to save her marriage. Or Fight for her life.
Actress: Corrie Graham

Mark:  Trying to get his life in order after his divorce.
Actor: Pete Perez

Malyachai:  One of the wisest of the Elders. Who only wants to see his young ward become what the prophecy has written.
Actor: Wayne Shearer

Gavin:  Ruthless and cold hearted, dont cross his path.
Actor: Matthew Rivers

Teyah:  A woman trying to teach and protect her young ward. But loves her dearly and wants her to be happy.
Actress: Shaieynne Ruffin

John:  A husband who has nothing left to lose.
Actor: Tommy Leonard

Amirah:  Head Mistress, she is caring and rules her coven with a firm but gentle hand.
Actress: Jeni Miller

Madge:  A warrior for her coven and has no time for childish behaviors.
Actress: Victoria Stevens

Treach:  The thinker and manipulator, who can get others to do what he wants them to do.
Actor: Mitchell Chisholm

Maverick:  A ruthless thug who just wants a chance to score big
Actor: Vladimir Varakossov